Initial Assessment (60 mins)
During our first appointment I will do a thorough assessment of what has brought you into therapy, explore your family history and discuss your goals for therapy. The purpose of this is to determine if I will be able to meet your needs and whether you feel we are a good fit. If I determine that I do not have the expertise to meet your needs or if you feeI I may not be a good match, then I will do my best to help you find a different therapist. 
Group Therapy (60 mins)
Group therapy can be an excellent complement to individual therapy and at times can serve as a stand alone treatment. There are benefits to working in a group with other individuals who have a shared experience. I have an interest in facilitating groups in the following areas: Transgender Support, Dual Diagnosis, Women's Empowerment: Recovery from Trauma, HIV Support and Depression and Anxiety. Groups offered will depend on the interest of my current caseload. 
Individual Therapy (50 min)
At the start of therapy, I typically recommend weekly sessions. The length of time in therapy will vary from person to person. I view therapy as something that helps individuals create change in their lives and when that change has been accomplished and maintained, then therapy will likely no longer be necessary.
Consultation for Professionals
I offer one-time or ongoing consultation meetings for therapists interested in case consultation for work with transgender clients. I am a board approved supervisor for LCSW-C candidates. I also have experience providing consultation to psychology externs, post-docs as well as newly licensed therapists.