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General AGeneral Anxiety Treatment

General Anxiety Treatment

When fear takes over, it’s challenging to carry on.

You might try to avoid it, yet intrusive thoughts keep barging in. Mood swings may frustrate you and shorten your fuse. And on top of it all, you are exhausted.

Why can’t you just calm down?

It’s not that simple.

Anxiety can’t be “turned off,” but it can be treated.

I’m Heather Chase, a licensed therapist and founder of Chase Counseling. I offer therapy for anxiety, depression, and other services to adults in Annapolis, Severna Park, Baltimore City, and closeby areas.

Let me help you manage distress and regain ownership of your life.


What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is your response to anything that makes you feel concerned, nervous, or scared. In mild doses, it may help you stay vigilant and focused. Yet, it can create serious problems when it turns into a recurring and unruly force.

For example, you may feel anxious about a big move or a new job. That “healthy” anxiety can motivate you to start packing or show up extra early on your first day of work. Yet, the pressure may go away as you adjust.

Now, if you struggle with frequent and intense worry that prevents you from functioning, you may be dealing with unhealthy anxiety.

Do You Need Therapy for Anxiety?

Common signs or symptoms of unhealthy anxiety include:

  • Intense fear

  • Low energy

  • Muscle tension or pain

  • Mood changes

  • Racing heartbeat

  • Ruminating thoughts

  • Sense of impending doom or danger

  • Shaking

  • Shortness of breath or rapid breathing

  • Sweating

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Uncontrollable worry

If you or your loved ones are experiencing any of these signs, you may require professional support.

Therapy can help you understand your anxiety, including the distorted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors associated with it. You will gain personal insight, reframe unhelpful beliefs, shift habits, and learn effective strategies to relieve your symptoms.

Therapy for Anxiety at Chase Counseling

I provide therapy for anxiety online, customizing treatment to your specific needs and goals. 

I have 15+ years of experience treating anxiety in different populations. My anxiety therapy approach blends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness to help you make desired changes and embrace the present moment. I also use the MoodLinks app to support you between sessions.

Therapy is not for life. We will partner to overcome your challenges and equip you with resources so you can continue your journey on your own. But I’ll always be here if you need assistance in the future.

Contact me to see if we are a good fit.

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